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What parents are saying?

What parents are saying?

Gayathri Pillai

" I am very happy with the classes. My son's trainer is very professional. He is loving the activities. "

Mitesha Mandal

" It's been 1 month only. So far it's very good. My daughter is improving. Their teaching staff is very dedicated to their work, the way they teach the kid is very impressive. "


" My son is enjoying these classes and has had a positive experience. Seeing remarkable improvement in his communication skills. "

Shukarata Deshmukh

" I enrolled my daughter for English Communication and I can see a lot of improvement in my daughter, thanks to the team. "

Laxmi Vijya

" The classes are interactive and teachers use unique and interesting activities in sessions. "

Adhira Banarjee

" Great experience. My daughter's teacher, Miss Bardwi is very friendly and explains everything in a very good way during PTM. "

Trying to decide if  this course is for you?

Who, specifically,  is this course for?

- If you don't have international schools (or similar standards) in your area
- If you are NOT speaking to your kids in English at home

Our focus is to develop your kid's communication skills along with your child's interpersonal skills and for that, we need some of your time and effort as well.

Who should NOT buy this course?

If you are speaking to your kids in English at home, your kid is studying in an International school (or similar standards) and you don't want to improve your child's accent, this course might not be fruitful.

But we recommend booking the test so that experts can analyze your child's current English Proficiency and send you the results. Because we love our kids and being a parent (and not being an English expert), our judgment could be wrong. We have seen a lot of cases.

What Your child will Learn?

Be fluent in English

by growing the ability to fix common English errors and avoid making common pronunciation mistakes in our live classes.

Inspiring Creativity

by creating vlogs and podcasts under expert guidance will dramatically improve your child's creativity

Unlocking Confidence

by participating in group discussions (to boost your child’s public speaking ability), debates (enhance the skill of quick thinking & expressing opinions), and monologue (overcoming the fear of public Speaking)

Leadership & Problem Solving skills

Your child’s teacher will focus on helping them build how to analyze problems, how to listen and speak with clarity, confidence, and influence, how to own outcomes and take responsibility for decisions, and how to work on a team that's greater than the sum of its parts.


What is the fee?

Fee is INR 3600/Quarter.

What’s the mode of classes?

All sessions would be LIVE, ONLINE on VIDEO calls.

What’s the timing of the classes?

We have kept the timings flexible keeping in mind your child's school timings. You can choose your timing at your convenience.

Will I receive recordings of the classes?

If you want, Yes, but kids are finding it very boring. In general, recordings of live session is boring. We have separate professional-grade pre-recorded content for them to play and learn with.

What if I am not available for a few days?

We conduct extra classes from time to time to cover up. There is no additional charge for that.

How will this program help my child?

The program allows you to achieve 4 goals -
Be fluent in English
Inspiring Creativity
Unlocking Confidence
Leadership & Problem Solving skills

What to do if I want 1:1 class?

Well, we don't prefer 1:1 class because from the name it's a public speaking course so if they are speaking with other kids that would enhance their speaking ability.

Even though you want a 1:1 class:-
1. Firstly contact your Academic Counselor
2. Arrange 1:1 classes and explain fees structure.

3. Class structure:
       (i) 4 days 1:1 sessions for 30 mins.
       (ii) 2 days of group sessions for practice(1 hr class/day).

What if I am not satisfied with the program?

While It's very unlikely but if you are not satisfied, you can raise a refund request till the start of your 3rd class and we will refund 100% of the amount. No question asked.



Our curriculum spans the entire range of reading, listening & speaking from learning the words and the sounds they represent to being able to speak fluent English. The curriculum include -

Basics of spoken English
Group Discussion
Vocabulary Building
App (unlimited offline practice)


12 Classes, Validity - 1 Month
Buy Now
  • Basics of spoken English
  • Vocabulary Building
  • App (unlimited offline practice)
  • Extempore
  • Group Discussion
  • Podcast

Super Value

144 Classes, Validity - 12 Months
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  • Basics of spoken English
  • Vocabulary Building
  • App (unlimited offline practice)
  • Extempore
  • Group Discussion
  • Podcast
first step is to find out all the problems in your kid’s communication skills
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first step is to find out all the problems in your kid’s communication skills
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