Be a Fluent English Speaker

for your office meetings, presentations, job interviews or IELTS
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Coming soon vs maintenance vs common web page Here are the differences:Coming Soon Page is a landing page that hides a site when it is under design or construction. It is meant to introduce a new product or service to generate the interest of web visitors and persuade them to come back to see what comes.A maintenance page is a page that tells visitors the current website is under maintenance and will be back soon. It is often used when the website needs to tweak or upgrade something for a better UX or data security. Often, a timeframe is told to the user so they know when the website will be down and when it will be back up.Common web page The common product page introduces everything about the product. This includes product information, company information, contact information, and more. This tells the user more about the product and brand and helps encourage users to make a purchase.They all are some kind of different due to their usage scenarios and purposes.