Cautionary These "cautionary tales" frequently feature flawed or irresponsible individuals who suffer punishment or unfavorable outcomes. The purpose of fairy stories, religious parables, and historical myths is to inspire people to act morally by illustrating the consequences of doing otherwise.CharacterizingAnecdotes are frequently employed in literature to give characters more depth by illuminating aspects of their personalities or prior experiences that don't directly relate to the main plot. This strategy is also applied in real life, frequently with famous people and historical individuals, to emphasize particular qualities or traits.HumorousAnecdotes started out as stories that people would share in groups to amuse one another. Jokes with complex plots can be viewed in this light as anecdotes. Using humorous anecdotes as literary techniques may also help to lighten the atmosphere following a dramatic narrative development or provide readers and audiences with a brief diversion from the main plot.InspirationalInspirational tales are a powerful writing technique that may be used to evoke certain emotions in the reader in both persuasive and emotive writing. Inspirational stories frequently center on spectacular incidents that happened to regular people that the reader or listener can relate to. Speechwriters frequently use motivational stories to emotionally appeal to the audience, especially during speeches by politicians.ReminiscentAnecdotes sometimes have a tendency to become stuck in the past, particularly when it comes to things that have changed and no longer exist. These nostalgic tales may build an idealized view of the past by evoking feelings of nostalgia or desire. Even though they are less frequent, certain recollective stories might highlight the worst parts of the past and create a far more depressing impression.ConclusionThe use of anecdotes relies on their classification.

DefinitionWith so much information at your disposal, converting your essay topic into a search strategy or statement is a crucial first step in finding the data you require. The first step in creating a search strategy is to consider the categories of words associated with your subject that you would anticipate seeing in books or news stories. Regardless of the sources you choose to employ, such as specific computer databases or the library, a decent search statement may be applied to them all.Steps to collect materialYour literature reviewYou will eventually have to publish a thorough and critical summary of the past and present research in your field as part of your research activity. Other titles for this summary are state-of-the-art review, topic review, and subject review. It is also referred to as a literature review.You must routinely find and review pertinent content if you want to generate an excellent literature review (more on this later). It is crucial to comprehend how information in your industry is published and how to look for it because the quality of the materials you locate will determine how good your literature review is. Performing a literature search may be necessary at various points during the research process.The shape of the literature

Topic: Every citizen should be mandated to perform national public service.

Also, in a democratic country, like India, the state cannot compel any citizen to try to do any public service, but under Article 51A of the Constitution of India, the citizens shall have the duty and Fundamental Duty to defend the country and render service when called upon to try to so.


1. Promoting National Unity -

Mandatory military service will promote national unity in several ways. First, it permits voters to be told and train together, making that shared expertise of getting served within the military. Then there's conjointly that general perceiveing of what life in the army is like, what's needed of the job, and what has got to be tired order to safeguard the country. voters are able to understand and develop appreciation for the sacrifices that individuals in the military created for his or her country. and every one of those can bring people together, particularly when managing a cultural or political threat from alternative nations.

2. Maintaining Active Military Force-

Having compulsory militarization to the military suggests that having a vigorous reserve of enormous body of armies that's able to respond quickly and effectively to any threats to national security.

3. Ensures High Levels of Governmental Participation -

With each nation needed to join within the soldiers once the requirement arises, the general public are going to be additionally aware and watchful of the government’s decision, particularly in terms of national security and the like. With their lives in danger or at sacrifice, individuals can get to know more concerning the threats that face their country and can get a bigger voice on however their government approaches problems.

4. will offer helpful Skills-

Life within the military that can teach people over a way to throw a salute or shoot straight. The training they supply goes so much on the far side of the technical skills required to urge the work done. Several military volunteers who have pursued a career in civilian work mentioned many alternative skills and work-related attitudes that facilitate them well in their job. These embody teamwork, responsibility, initiative, stress management, diversity, and international awareness. Others learn the habits of healthy living and discipline also as the skills in self-defense.

5. Promote Equality Among Citizens-

Mandatory duty tour implies that “no one” is going to be exempted from facing wars. All citizens, be they celebrities, wealthy businessmen or normal people, will be needed to serve once the state is facing war or would like additional soldiers.


1. Violates Free Will-

One of the arguments raised against mandatory military service is that it violates people’s rights to exercise free will. nobody has the ultimate say whether or not they ought to participate or not within the grooming and enter the military since it's a mandatory mandate enforced throughout the country.

2. Interferes with alternative sorts of Education -

Mandatory military service generally drafts young men (and women) after they are at the height of their brain (18 years old). This delays individuals’ pursuit for education also as their entry into the into the civilian labor market, reducing returns to human-capital investments as a result.

3. place Young People’s Lives at Risk-

Though you won't wish to have faith in it, a part of the method is risking youngsters lives at risk. Casualties don’t simply happen in actual combat or within the battlefield however also throughout coaching and also the like. necessary military service, which usually enlists fit young people, place ensuing generations to serious damage and, at worst, death.

4. Compromises the standard of Military Service-

Unlike voluntary troopers who are willing to bear rigorous coaching and serve the country for an extended time within the military, draft soldiers usually lack the mandatory expertise and preparedness, providing low combat ability quality once the time comes they're sent to war. this might result in a high casualty rate among soldiers written underneath mandatory military service.

5. Not most are suitable -

Mandatory military service needs each national to affix and serve in the armed forces, however not most are cut out for it. Whether or not it's a mental issue, physical issue, or psychological issue, not everyone is appropriate to meet the physical, mental and emotional demands of the job. Factors like anxiety, depression and also the like ought to be rigorously considered. probably killing somebody are some things that each one who was written within the military struggles with in their own way. A study conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America showed that about 40,000 military members who came from war in Asian nation and Islamic State of Afghanistan suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). which rate is 3 times higher among people who were deployed in combat than those who were non-deployed.

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