Cautionary These "cautionary tales" frequently feature flawed or irresponsible individuals who suffer punishment or unfavorable outcomes. The purpose of fairy stories, religious parables, and historical myths is to inspire people to act morally by illustrating the consequences of doing otherwise.CharacterizingAnecdotes are frequently employed in literature to give characters more depth by illuminating aspects of their personalities or prior experiences that don't directly relate to the main plot. This strategy is also applied in real life, frequently with famous people and historical individuals, to emphasize particular qualities or traits.HumorousAnecdotes started out as stories that people would share in groups to amuse one another. Jokes with complex plots can be viewed in this light as anecdotes. Using humorous anecdotes as literary techniques may also help to lighten the atmosphere following a dramatic narrative development or provide readers and audiences with a brief diversion from the main plot.InspirationalInspirational tales are a powerful writing technique that may be used to evoke certain emotions in the reader in both persuasive and emotive writing. Inspirational stories frequently center on spectacular incidents that happened to regular people that the reader or listener can relate to. Speechwriters frequently use motivational stories to emotionally appeal to the audience, especially during speeches by politicians.ReminiscentAnecdotes sometimes have a tendency to become stuck in the past, particularly when it comes to things that have changed and no longer exist. These nostalgic tales may build an idealized view of the past by evoking feelings of nostalgia or desire. Even though they are less frequent, certain recollective stories might highlight the worst parts of the past and create a far more depressing impression.ConclusionThe use of anecdotes relies on their classification.

DefinitionWith so much information at your disposal, converting your essay topic into a search strategy or statement is a crucial first step in finding the data you require. The first step in creating a search strategy is to consider the categories of words associated with your subject that you would anticipate seeing in books or news stories. Regardless of the sources you choose to employ, such as specific computer databases or the library, a decent search statement may be applied to them all.Steps to collect materialYour literature reviewYou will eventually have to publish a thorough and critical summary of the past and present research in your field as part of your research activity. Other titles for this summary are state-of-the-art review, topic review, and subject review. It is also referred to as a literature review.You must routinely find and review pertinent content if you want to generate an excellent literature review (more on this later). It is crucial to comprehend how information in your industry is published and how to look for it because the quality of the materials you locate will determine how good your literature review is. Performing a literature search may be necessary at various points during the research process.The shape of the literature

Topic : Religion does more harm than good.

Half (49%) in a new global study agree that religion does more harm than good in the world, and 51% disagree,


Brings desire-

Religion brings desire to people’s lives. while not a way of meaning, people’s lives will appear empty, inflicting depression, angst, or anxiety. kinsmen would like some style of motivating force. As the prophet said: “Man cannot live by bread alone.”

Brings sense of hope-

Religion can bring a sense of hope and inspiration to people, who otherwise would possibly feel despondent, or desperate.


Many charities are traveled by non secular organizations, providing essential facilitation to a number of the foremost poverty-stricken people on the planet.

Social coherence-

Religion can offer social coherence, with people sharing common aims, values, and ethical systems.

Gives knowledge-

Holy teachings and books, corresponding to the bible, koran, or Hindu Vedas, contain great knowledge that is helpful to all or any humankind and supply useful points of reference.


Brings war-

Religion has traditionally been a supply of war on conflict between people ever since people started basic cognitive processes in it. Non secular people tend to believe that their explicit faith is that the solely correct one and every one the others are false.


Religion is predicated on a misconception that the universe operates in line with “supernatural” rules and forces, instead of scientific ones. Stories of miracles and other people rising from the dead et cetera stay unproven.

Cause intolerance-

Religions will cause or encourage intolerance against minority groups, corresponding to gay people, women, and racial groups.

Restricts freedom-

Religion discourages free inquiry and restricts freedom of thought, by encouraging the thought that elementary answers can solely be found during a fastened and specific book or belief system. Preachers and spiritual leaders may encourage a culture of unquestioning loyalty amongst their followers.

Prevents progress-

Religion holds back humanity from progressing. Once the Christian Church dominated Western Europe in medieval times, scientific inventions and discoveries virtually ground to a standstill and it wasn’t till the arrival of the school of thought that things began moving again.

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