Teachers (Demo) Manual

Feedback - 

  1. Save last 7 mins for  feedback
  2. Ask kid “How was the class?” with ‘’hifi” and pampering -> Ask kid to call their parents.
  3. Ask parent “How was the class” -> I will explain the problems kid has (explain the problems along with appreciation)
  4. Proper feedback of where the kid is lagging along with appreciation. Common problems below - 

             A. Sentence formation

             B. Words are not coming in his/her mind when he/she trying to speak.

             C. Hesitation/Shyness

  1. Tell parent “Academic Counselor” will call you to explain the batch details, teacher details and pricing.
  2. You will see the difference in only 3 Months (and NOT 1 month). Not possible to see improvement in 1 month

Don’ts in  feedback - 

  1. Don’t ask “Do you have any suggestion” in demo class.
  2. Speak with strong authority. Don’t use words like “I think”, “I feel”

Memorize answer of below questions - 

  1. What is SpeakoJunior? What is this platform for?

         It's Public speaking and creating writing classes for kids. Use word course/classes instead of app.

      2. Who is going to take the classes? Are you going to take the classes?

          She is going to learn from 3 teachers - 

           1. Her regular teacher - Indian Teacher/Live

           2. Her doubt class teacher - Indian Teacher/Live

           3. Recorded content - International Teacher/No Live

          All of our teachers are trained and highly qualified and responsibilities of regular classes have been given to our best teachers. It's not possible to           conduct demo classes and regular classes, both, by the same teacher as the timing of the classes is the same. So, either I can take demo           classes or regular classes. <smile> “Academic Counselor” will call you to explain the batch details, teacher details and pricing

     3. What's the timing of the classes?

         Classes runs between 4 PM to 9 PM and you will be given option to chooses the days and timing. Availablity details on this will be provided to you          by our academic counselor.

     4. How many kids will be there in a batch?

         We prepare the batch with max 10kids but all the students will be of same age group and same class standard.

     5. Is it possible to manage so many kids in a batch?

         Well, we have researched and depending on the kids psychology we prepare the batches but incase we will feel it is congested then we shift          them.

      6. What is the timing of your batches?

          We are available from 4pm to 9pm you can select your batch accordingly which will be given by our academic counselor.

      7. What will be the curriculum?

          We mainly focus on the NCERT syllabus which will cover reading, writing and speaking. Moreover we help the kids to improve their vocabulary           level, pronunciation level, creative writing and public speaking.
          Also we arrange different types of competitions where they can take part and we provide certificates to the top 3 students.

Code of conduct - 

  1. Distractraction during the session is strict NO. Turning off the camera/mic, using mobile phones, talking to someone else etc.
  2. Connect with the kid. Kid must not feel bored or distracted during the session. Speak slowly and clearly. Don’t hurry.
  3. With English speaking parents - Hindi fillers (matlab, ki) strictly not allowed. They are instantly catching this.
  4. All academic counselors are “She” as of now and not “He”.
  5. In “Work from home” environment, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have power back-up, WIFI, laptop etc. Company won’t be able to help you. Any reason for unable to take the booked session( e.g. no electricity, no WIFI, no laptop etc.) will be considered as a “NO SHOW” and will attract PENALTIES according to your offer letter (Annexure B). 

Annexure B -


No-Show = Rs. 500/Sessions Penalty

Use Cases - 

  1. Not showing up in scheduled class
  2. Informing same day (without prior approval) that unable to take the classes without any supporting document
  3. Reasons (excuses) like - No electricity, No WiFi, Laptop/Camera/Mic issues (In work from home set-up, we can’t help you in this. Please make sure you have a working set-up)
  4. Being late in the classes