Do you lag in vocabulary?

It will be much easier to pass the IELTS exam if you start to "collect words."‍

The extensive vocabulary requirements for the IELTS exam may be one of your challenges. The idea is to concentrate on the terminology you are most likely to use, and to expand your IELTS vocabulary as much as you can in the months before your exam.


You can improve a lot of your study practices to increase your IELTS vocabulary. At every chance, use English to read, listen to, and speak. Try to read English-language publications on a regular basis, preferably daily. You'll run across new words that you can collect and research. You may read and listen to news items in the "Words in the News" part of the BBC Learning English website, along with many other helpful features.

Don't limit your search to the definition. You have access to much more than this. Examine the word's spelling, pronunciation, and usage. While you can hear the sounds and practice them on the British Council interactive phonemic chart, you might not comprehend the phonemic symbols provided.

It's a personal thing, and you probably have a method for keeping track of new vocabulary. The majority of pupils will merely list the word, the translation, and a definition. However, there are additional study techniques you can use to expand your IELTS vocabulary. Why not try this when you learn a new word:

  • Write the definition.
  • Put the word into a sentence to contextualize it.
  • Check what the word form is – noun, adjective, verb, adverb etc.
  • What other word forms are connected to it? If it’s a noun, is there a verb connected to it? If it’s a verb, are there any phrasal verbs formed from it?
  • Look for synonyms/antonyms (use a good thesaurus).
  • Look for collocations.


Don't stop there – once you've learned a new word, make sure to practice using it in conversation or in writing. This will help to embed it in your memory, and increase your chances of using it correctly in the IELTS exam.

With a little effort and perseverance, you can significantly improve your IELTS vocabulary – good luck!