Listening skills guide. Definition

Advice and tips to improve your English listening skills. Hearing vs Listening. What to listen to. Succeed at English listening tests.

Listening in a foreign language is a difficult process. Learners must understand both the main idea and specific details of what is said. They may need to double-check their predictions and understand the speaker's meaning, emotions, and opinions. They may have to deduce connections between speakers or recognize the context in which the speakers are operating. Various of these skills may be required of learners during a single listening activity.

Listed below are some important skills required for listening with its appropriate explanation-

Skills required-
  • Listening to the main idea- learners should listen to the overall ideas conveyed in the recording.
  • Listening for details- learners should listen to certain words and phrases at the sentence level.
  • Looking for specific information- the learners should try to listen specifically at the word level in the starting.
  • Predicting- the learners should try to guess the information provided in the recording before listening to it.
  • Concluding meanings- the learners should be able to differentiate between what the speaker is saying and what his words actually mean.
  • Recognizing emotions- the learners should try to recognize what is the mood of the speaker and the tone of his speech.
  • Concluding relationships- the learners should try to identify than t who are the people in recording and what is the relation between them.
  • Recognizing context- the learners should try to listen to the aural and contextual clues to identify where the conversation is taking place.


To develop the relevant skills for listening, you should practice on a daily basis. You can use certain applications to develop this skill. One of the best applications to develop listening skills is SpeakoClub. You can always rely on this application and easily learn English using it.