Proposal writing

A proposal is a written document that recommends a course of action or a plan of action. It is usually the first step in a business or academic process. 

There are many different types of proposals, but they all share some common elements. Proposals typically include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. 

The introduction provides background information about the problem or opportunity and describes the proposed solution. The body of the proposal provides more details about the solution and how it will work. The conclusion summarizes the key points and describes why the proposal is the best solution. 


Proposed solution

It is proposed that the newspaper could shift to an online format. An overwhelming majority (95 per cent) of survey respondents were 'keen' or 'very keen' on this.

The key benefits would be:

Lower costs. Electronic publication is much cheaper than printing, and the website would require minimal maintenance. Although there are considerable initial costs of developing a website, these would be offset over time.

Business Proposal

A business proposal is also referred to as a sales proposal. Companies offer this type of proposal to their potential clients when they want to win a project or contract. It outlines the company’s capabilities, experience, and resources. It also includes information about the proposed project, including the scope, timeline, and cost.

Business proposals persuade the reader to invest in the company or buy its products or services. The proposal must be convincing enough to make the reader want to take action. Companies usually submit the following two types of proposals:

Solicited Proposals

These proposals are written in response to an RFP (request for proposal) or a verbal request. A customer asks for proposals from various vendors with specific requirements. The vendor then responds to the RFP with a proposal outlining how it will meet the organization’s needs.

The customers create a detailed description of what they need and what they are looking for. They also offer formatting instructions and selection criteria. Vendors who wish to do business with the customer send their proposals in response to the RFP. The vendor’s proposal must meet the customer’s requirements to be accepted.