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Four book summaries-CEFR

Read a series of short book summaries to practise and improve your reading skills.

Are you a proficient (CEFR level C1) English learner? You can practise reading in this part to improve your comprehension of lengthy, complicated books that cover a wide range of topics, some of which may be unfamiliar. Specialized articles, biographies, and summaries are examples of texts.

Four positive books about the world

Factfulness – Hans Rosling with Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund

Professor Hans Rosling and his two partners pose straightforward inquiries about the universe in Factfulness. such as, "How many girls graduate from high school?" and "What proportion of the global population lives in poverty?" As it turns out, the majority of us incorrectly answer these questions. What causes this to occur? Factfulness sets out to explain why, demonstrating the various human tendencies that skew our perception.

Most individuals, for instance, categorise the world into US and THEM. Furthermore, we frequently think that things are becoming worse. Additionally, we regularly consume media with a sales strategy predicated on instilling fear in our hearts. 

However, the authors contend that things aren't as awful as we imagine. Yes, there are legitimate worries. But we should develop a factual mindset, only expressing opinions that are backed by solid evidence. The underlying causes of poverty or advancement, or what should be done about these challenges, are not addressed in this work. It focuses on our ingrained prejudices and provides helpful guidance to enable us to perceive both the good and the terrible in the world.

Enlightenment Now – Steven Pinker

Are things deteriorating daily? Is progress an unattainable objective? Steven Pinker examines the big picture of human development in Enlightenment Now and finds encouraging results. Our lives are getting longer, healthier, more liberated, and happier.

Pinker implores us to avoid focusing so much on dire headlines and breaking news that predicts the end of the world. Instead, he displays some carefully chosen statistics to us. We can see that safety, peace, knowledge, and health are all improving over the world in 75 astonishing graphics. But he rejects his own logic when the evidence does not back it up. He argues that because economic disparity has little bearing on people's well-being, it is not really a concern. One is left to wonder how many people are genuinely alive.

The Enlightenment principles of reason and science are being attacked, according to Pinker, and this is the true issue. We run the risk of doing permanent harm to crucial institutions like democracy and international cooperation when critics and demagogues play on people's tribalism, fatalism, and mistrust.

The Rational Optimist – Matt Ridley

The pessimists have dominated public discourse for more than 200 years. They warn us that the situation is deteriorating. But in actuality, things are improving. Disease, violence, and infant mortality are declining while income, food availability, and lifespan are increasing. The world is experiencing these tendencies. Africa is gradually escaping poverty, much as Asia did in the past. The lives of millions of people are significantly improved by the internet, mobile technology, and global trade. 

Best-selling author Matt Ridley not only explains how things are improving, but also provides explanations for why they are. He demonstrates how the exchange of ideas and specialisation help human culture to advance in a healthy manner. 

The Great Surge – Steven Radelet

The majority of people believe that developing nations are in a bad position, ruled by tyrants, experiencing extreme poverty, and having little chance for any significant improvement. Surprisingly, though, this is not at all the case. The truth is that society is undergoing a significant transition. More than 700 million people have boosted their income and exited poverty over the previous 20 years. In addition, there are millions more girls in school, six million fewer children die from disease each year, and millions more people have access to safe water.

This is being place in several developing nations worldwide. The lives of hundreds of millions of people in developing nations have improved thanks to the conclusion of the Cold War, the emergence of new technology, and bold new leadership. 

The Great Surge explains how everything is taking place, but more significantly, it demonstrates how we might quicken the process.


Each lesson includes a model text with writing tips, and tasks to test your understanding and practise various writing skills. Begin right away. Hope that this article helped you and for more information on relevant topics you can visit the SpeakoClub website and can learn and explore more about English speaking and writing.

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