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Having trouble pronouncing words in English? Can't grasp how to say the words when you talk to other people? Don’t worry! These 4 Tips will help you improve your pronunciation in English! Join Speako24 and improve your skills in speaking English. You too will learn how to speak fluently in English in no time!!

If you have spent more time learning English by reading or listening to audiobooks and videos than by speaking, you may have a basic grasp of the words. But when it's time to say them out loud, (comma) you struggle with pronunciation. 
By dedicating some time (sometime is an adverb; some time means a duration of time) for your English pronunciation, (comma) you can get better. So, what are some things you can do to pronounce English words more easily?(Question mark)
Below, we have listed 4 tips which can help you improve your English pronunciation –
  • Break down big words into syllables - every word in the English language is made up of syllables. A syllable is a pronunciation unit with a vowel that may also have consonants. To refresh your memory, A, E, I, O, and U are vowels; the rest are called consonants. 
Let's suppose that we are having a tough time with the word “incomprehensible”. This is a big word that means “impossible to understand”. It has six syllables – "In-com-pre-hen-si-ble". 
Rather than pronouncing the whole word, you can try pronouncing each syllable correctly. Once you are able to do so, put all the syllables together, and keep practising them together in order until you are able to pronounce the whole word correctly.
  • Learn when to stress words and sounds -  stress and emphasis in a word determine a large aspect of the word’s pronunciation. 
You should understand where to stress the word and where to emphasise. Repetition of these consistent patterns will help you strengthen your pronunciation.
  • Listen to English audio books and talk to an English partner-  if you don't know how to cook something, you look up a recipe. In the same way, you need to search for audio books to understand the pronunciation and to hear where to stress and emphasise the syllables. 
You can also talk to someone. You need to practice the words again and again to get it right. But if you don't have someone whom you can practice with, you should consider the Speako24 app. This app is an online English partner. Here, we talk to you in English and help you enhance your speaking skills. It can also help you if you are preparing for any interview in English. 
  • Record yourself while speaking - one of the most common practices, which can work wonders for you, is listening to your mistakes and correcting them. You can record yourself while pronouncing tough words. After that you can listen to those recordings to identify the problem, and then work on them.
You can also read out loud everyday to build jaw muscle strength.