English Accent - What Is An Accent? - Best Accent - Communication Skills

It is important to train your English accent to be clear and natural when you speak. It helps you build your confidence and clarity. Here are the most important factors that you need to understand about the English accent if you want better English pronunciation!

1.   What is an accent?

An accent is a distinctive way of pronouncing a language, especially one associated with a particular country, area, or social class.

2.   What are the elements of an accent?

There are four elements of a natural-sounding accent:

Ø  The sounds of English (enunciation of consonants and vowels)

Ø  The rhythm of English (word and sentence emphasis)

Ø  The tune of English (intonation)

Ø  The flow of English (thought groups, linking, and connected speech)


3.   Where does an accent originate from?

Accents are derived when speakers of the identical terminology are secluded and via expansion, unwittingly settle on new pronunciations for words. Several of these diminutive differences result in a regional vocabulary that's not efficiently comprehended by foreigners.

4.   What is the best accent?

One might wonder. Should we roll our r's or not?

The influence of western countries overpowers the Indian

minds so much; that we believe that only the accents heard in places like

Europe or even America is correct.

The truth is; that English speakers, like orators of any

language, are not formed in a single room. They arise in distinct areas with

separate cultures, narratives, and individualism that play a meaningful role in verbal language.

So one usually speaks English in an accent derived from their cultural tone. People speak English in multiple nations.

Thus it has been directed in the manner in which it is pronounced.

Language has a specific factor to it. Sometimes class discrimination crawls up in the way people hear particular accents.


The grade of one's English does not rely on the root of

their accent.

There is no categorization of accent into good or bad and

there certainly isn’t any accent that can be determined as the best accent.

Though the knowledge and clarity in English and how pronunciation can impact a conversation counts for sure, and that is something one can enhance.