5 Tips To Give The Best Presentations In English - Improve Your English Speaking Skills - Communication Skills

Here are the 5 tips to give the best presentation in English. Follow these pointers for your presentations in college or in the office to get the best results. Succeed in your career! Build your communication skills and improve your speaking skills with SpeakoClub. You too will learn how to speak fluently in English in no time!!

Giving the perfect oral presentation in English requires practice and a little bit of courage and confidence. But if you are not native speaker of the English language it could be a problematic situation for you. 

While preparing for your presentation in English you should make sure some points are remembered like watching and listening to the recordings of the public speeches as an example. But if you are one of those people who are not that good in English language and you don't have anyone around you to talk about it, you can consider an online English partner which could be SpeakoClub. It's an app which would be a great spoken English partner for you and it's online as well.  

We have listed below a few strategies which could be a game changer for you while giving your presentation in English. 
  • Think about the details in advance - while giving your presentation in front of an audience is always stressful but you can steal the show by preparing it with example materials, timing the appearance of your outfit and you can also practice in front of your seniors and can take reviews from them. But if you know nothing about English or if you are at a beginner level and want to improve it to pre intermediate level then SpeakoClub app can help you with this.
  • Introduce yourself and set the theme 

At the beginning of the presentation it's important to introduce yourself by giving your full name, position and company you represent. Some people also include their contact information on the first slide. You can also do it if it's important. Don't forget to use phrases in English. We have listed phrases which are useful in presentations. 

"Hello , ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming …"
" The topic of today's meeting is.." 
" Let's get the ball rolling " 
" Shall we get started ? " 

These are a few phrases which you can consider and if you want to practice it with an online partner you can consider SpeakoClub app as well.

  • Provide an outline or motive of your presentation 

Providing an outline or motive of the presentation is a must; it gives people a way of thinking about the presentation. That's why the opening part is very important. It should be cheerful , interesting and catchy. Prepare this before so you don't lose track of thoughts even if you are nervous but if you don't want to feel nervous because of your communication skills you can practice it a few times or you can consider practicing it online for or effectively e communication skills so you can consider SpeakoClub app. 

  • Do your homework 

Effective presentation requires consideration of the things which are written below 

Ask yourself what the presentation is all about its title and its goal 

Think about who is your audience and prepare it accordingly 

Figure out what your main message is and what you wanted to convince to your audience and seniors 

Make it easier for the audience and yourself use simple language so everyone can understand it 

Last but not the least prepare yourself for questions, think about what questions the audience might ask and prepare for it. 

  • You can make your data meaningful 

If you need to present numbers or some comparative analysis of algorithms for your presentation you some visual studio presented you can use charts graphs or diagrams to make your data meaningful and visually attractive remember that pie charts are good for representation proportions and line charts are to represent trains you can also use column and bar charts for ranking purpose. 

Here are a few useful phrases in English which you can consider while representing those data. 

" Here are some facts and figures " 
" The pie chart is divided into several parts " 
" The numbers here have increased or gone up " 
" The numbers have remained stable " 

At last briefly summarise the main points in ideas, provide the audience with their opinion and give them a call to action. Then kindly end the presentation by thanking all the listeners and inviting them to the Q&A. But if you face any difficulty in English or if you want to face any interview which is in English don't forget that SpeakoClub app is here for your help to become fluent in your English communication skills and to become your online English speaking partner.