English For Beginners - Learn English - Communication Skills

If you are learning English, and you are just a beginner, you have to learn a lot of things, like new words, or maybe the alphabet.

If you are learning English, and you are just a beginner, you have to learn a lot of things, like  new words, or maybe the alphabet.

Learning English may seem challenging for beginners, but it's definitely not impossible. 

So, as a beginner, how does one know where to start? 

You can practice the four core skills, which are – 

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

These are the four main skills you need to work on to improve your english. For reading, you may begin with easy-to-read novels, newspapers, or books. Here are a few good novels to consider. 


  1. To improve writing skills in English, beginners can write short essays, or even journals. We have attached a link for you to learn how to write journals in a professional way. 


  1. When it's your turn to listen, don’t spend the time planning what to say next. You can't rehearse and listen at the same time. Think only about what the other person is saying.
  1. When it comes to speaking, you need an English speaking partner. We, at SpeakoClub, can be your English learning partner to help you communicate effectively. SpeakoClub can also prepare you for job interviews in English, and can be your online English speaking partner. We have attached the link to SpeakoClub below. Download the app and start a new journey toward confident English speaking.

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There are a lot of levels to learning English. Some strategies and planning can assist beginners in reaching the intermediate level. These strategies include :- 

  • Simple greetings and introductions - you are able to introduce yourself in English. That would also mean that you understand the meaning of words and remember the vocabulary.
  • Talk about basic personal information - you can also clearly mention where you live, the level of your studies, the cuisines you like, et cetera. 

After some time, you will be able to understand and use tough words to talk about a wide range of topics. Some of them are listed below :- 

  • Use simple idiomatic expressions - you can use simple English sayings. For example, you know it's time to study when you hear "hit the books" or you can tell others to "pitch in" when you need their ideas. 
  • Talk about the future, present and past - basic English verb tenses are as important as sugar in an English tea. So, you should use words correctly when you speak about what happened last year, last week, or yesterday, and what are your plans for the future. 
  • Use proper prepositions - we know that prepositions can be tricky for English beginners. But knowing how to use them is essential to talk or communicate properly. For example, you should know where to use "for,” “on,” “at,” “in," et cetera. Prepositions may seem like tiny little words, but they can impact the whole sentence; if you use them incorrectly, the meaning is often changed drastically, or lost altogether. 

You can incorporate these topics to improve your English communication. If you have no one around to talk to in English, you can download the SpeakoClub app. It is an English speaking partner app which will help you in enhancing communication skills and make it effective.

Now that we have covered some tips for beginners in English, let's move on to how to be fluent, like a professional.

  • Express your opinion clearly - sometimes we may face some trouble in expressing our opinions because of our inadequate communication skills or lack of English knowledge. When someone asks you for your opinion on a topic, you should be able to explain clearly what it is, and why you hold that opinion. Also, personal opinions should be conveyed effectively. 
  • You can also explain the reasons behind your discussion - if you have put forward a point in front of people, you should explain the reason behind it, using basic English which everyone understands. In addition, you must make sure to use your prepositions correctly. 
  • Write about your facts and opinions clearly - if you want to talk about a certain topic or want to make a presentation, you should be prepared. The best way is to write about your facts and opinions clearly, and recite it once, so you don't miss anything. It will also improve your writing skills in English. 

Now, we all know some tips, tricks, and strategies to learn English. Here is some motivation which can encourage you to be fluent like a native speaker. 

First of all, ask yourself why you want to learn english. 

  • Set your goals according to your personal motivations. Set learning goals for yourself and be as specific as you can. 
  • Find resources that are effective for you, consider your learning goals and how much time you have to study each day. 
  • Create your study plan, listen and watch some podcasts in English, preferably about something that interests you.