Business English - Important Business Standards and Business Skill - Communication Skills

Business English is a very essential business standard to develop your business. Learn what Business English is and why Business English is important for your Business Environment. Join SpeakoClub and improve your skills in speaking English. You too will learn how to speak fluently in English in no time!!
What is Business English?

This term might be new for few people. So, business English is a general term used for English related to international commerce, finance and industry

In today’s environment where everything is globalizing, it has become common for non native English speakers to study business English as a specific tool with the aim of interacting with English speaking countries or with companies that use English as a shared language. 

Here is a video which will help you understand why Business English is a very important business standard and why is Business English important for your business environment: (YouTube video link)

Business English is purpose-specific. The central goal of business English is to carry the message across and to reach agreement. This is why it entails a business-oriented English vocabulary and a bunch of skills. These skills can include English letter writing, delivering presentations, negotiations, or plain small talk. Such skills are already considered to be prerequisites of modern day international cooperation and an important key for global business. 

Uses of Business English
  • Business meetings 
  • Sales presentations 
  • Business correspondence 
  • Business reports 
  • Executive summaries 

We have also listed some idioms and phrases popularly used in business English. 

  • Cut corners - it means to complete a task in a fast and careless way. 
  • Back to the drawing board - it means to start again from the beginning with a complete new idea 
  • Call it a day - it means that you are giving up on something; that can also refer to taking a break on a project because you have reached a good point to stop. 
Why is business English important?

Since business English has been established as the language of the global market, every international trader needs it in order to buy and sell. In other words, no business English, no global commerce.  

Secondly, business English is pertinent at the workplace because it is prestigious due to the influence associated with English; people respect workplaces that use business English. 

Using business English at the workplace also makes potential clients feel confident that they can deal with the organization. This, in turn, makes potential customers have a certain level of trust and comfort within the business environment.

In addition, using business English at the workplace is a way of solving the problem of cultural diversity. Standard organizations are expected to accommodate workers who have different backgrounds and speak different languages. Some people may have a problem communicating with one another if they speak no common language. In this case, business English is the best option because it will make all workers feel at home and also communicate with one another.