How to greet people in English?

Even at the beginner English level, you can use such English greetings to sound more natural and to express yourself more clearly and precisely.

You've probably heard the phrases "hello" and "how are you?" 

However, English speakers do not always greet others with "hello" and "how are you?" 

They also use a variety of other English greetings and expressions to express themselves in slightly different ways. 

Common English Greetings and expressions 
  • Hey, Hey man, or Hi and Greeting a stranger

            You can use hey, hi to greet someone, when you are approaching a stranger then you can use hi and when you have met someone then you can use hey or              hey man. 

              NOTE- hey is also used to get attention from someone.

  • How is it going? Or How are you doing

               These are informal ways to inquire, "How are you?" If you want to be extra polite, stick with "how are you?" Nonetheless, you can use these words to greet                almost anyone else. The word "going" is often shortened to sound more like "go-in." Depending on the question, you can respond with "it's going well" or "I'm                doing well."


I hope you have fun experimenting with these new English greetings. You'll discover that greeting people in various ways make your English sound more natural, and it may even make English greetings more fun and interesting for you. To learn how to greet someone with ease, you can visit SpeakoClub: English Practice Partner or download the SpeakoClub application and enjoy the roller coaster of English in the most bazzalding way.