What is speaking? Definition and examples

Speak definition, to utter words or articulate sounds with the ordinary voice; talk: He was too ill to speak. See more.

The ability to speak confidently and fluently is something that children will learn in school and will benefit them throughout their lives. 

In primary and secondary school, children will learn English speaking skills as well as speaking skills in other languages.


To improve our speaking abilities, we must first learn the appropriate words. Vocabulary development begins in infancy, when we learn to describe our surroundings and communicate our needs. When children are two or three, they progress from single words to sentences, and they typically have a vocabulary of 150-300 words. 

Vocabulary development is the process by which students learn the meanings and pronunciations of words that are necessary for communication.


You may believe that grammar is only necessary for written 

language. However, grammar includes many important aspects of spoken language, such as understanding tenses and sentence structure. Grammar enables us to communicate information in a way that the listener will recognize and comprehend.


Another important aspect of speaking skills is knowing how to pronounce words correctly. Listening to those around us, such as our parents, friends, and teachers, teaches us how to pronounce words. Pronunciation differs from country to country and even from city to city! 

A lot of this is due to phonemic awareness. This entails comprehending the small units that comprise spoken language.


Fluency in spoken language develops naturally as children progress through school, as they use and practise speaking skills every day. Reading widely (and aloud) is an excellent way for children to improve their fluency because it introduces them to new vocabulary and reinforces their knowledge of spoken language. 

Fluency is the ability to hear and understand words immediately.


Speaking is a two-way street in which information is shared and, if necessary, acted upon by the listener. In order to communicate effectively, it is necessary to develop both speaking and listening skills. You can use certain applications to develop this skill. One of the best applications to develop speaking skills is SpeakoClub. You can always rely on this application and easily learn English using it.