How to do small talk in English?

This section will teach you how to make small talk in English conversation. For ESL learners.

In most English-speaking countries, making "small talk" is expected and expected in certain situations. Small talk is a type of casual conversation that "breaks the ice" or fills awkward silences between people. Even if you are hesitant to use your second language, it is sometimes considered impolite to remain silent. There are times when small talk is appropriate, and there are also times when people discuss certain topics.

WHO makes small talk?

Small talk is used by people in a variety of relationships. Small talk is most commonly used by people who do not know each other at all. Though we often teach children not to talk to strangers, adults are expected to say something in certain situations.

WHAT do people make small talk about?

There are some "safe" topics about which people usually make small talk. The weather is probably the most common topic of conversation between strangers. When friends or family members meet or begin a conversation, they may discuss the weather. Current events are another topic that is generally safe. As long as you are not discussing a contentious issue, such as a recent equal-rights law.

WHERE do people make small talk?

People make small talk almost everywhere, but there are some places where it is especially common. Small talk is most common in situations where people are waiting for something. For example, you could talk to someone else who is waiting for the bus or the person next to you who is waiting to board an aeroplane.

WHEN do people make small talk?

When you meet a person for the first time, then you can start small talk. Maybe when you meet that same person again, you both may pass a smile and move on with your work. You should spark a conversation when the other person acknowledges you aur smiles after seeing you.

WHY do people make small talk?

People engage in small talk for a variety of reasons. The first and most obvious is to break an awkward silence. Another reason is simply to pass the time. That is why making small talk while waiting for something is so common. To be polite, some people engage in small talk.


Small talks are very useful in order to pass your time or become comfortable wit someone. You can practice small talks on places like parties,office,bus stop etc.