Some best tips to speak in English.

Hundreds of people achieve English language fluency each year, and you can too if you work hard enough! We asked Preply's expert language tutors for their best tips and advice to assist you. Continue reading to discover what they had to say.

Fluency is the stage of language learning when everything just "clicks." Many people do not believe this level is achievable because it requires a significant amount of time and effort

Examples/Tips to develop fluency in English speaking-

  • Start speaking English as much as possible 

              One of the best ways to speak English fluently is to practice it more and more. You should grasp every opportunity where you can speak English. If you live in               a place where English is not common then you can buddy up with some English speaking friends and develop fluency in English speaking.

  • Get a personal tutor

               If you really want to develop fluency in speaking English then you should get a personal tutor. He will help you in improving your fluency as well as if you                have any doubt then you can easily ask him and for sure he will help you with your problem.

  • Use sources made for your level

             If you want to speak English fluently then you should use sole sources that provide you the knowledge about it. If you are a beginner then you should              purchase some books or some online course that will help you to develop fluency from ground level.


Speaking English with fluency is a wish of many people and if you really want to make it true you should put some effort and try to develop the skill.