Guide for English speaking skills

The better your English, the more interesting, exciting, and insightful your conversations will be. 

English is the world's lingua franca, a common language that people of various native languages can use to communicate with one another. 

What's even better is that you can improve your English speaking skills without having to rely on a classroom partner or endure stressful lessons. 

This article will go beyond the fundamentals to help you achieve communicative competence.

How to speak English-

1- Build strong vocabulary- Learning new words every day is an outstanding way to improve your vocabulary. Devote to a reasonable goal: three daily words or ten daily words. 

It is beneficial to try even if you only have time to learn one new word per day. After one year of learning one word per day, you will have learned 365 new English words.

2- Learn words on phrases- It is critical to learn words in groups. For example, you might say a glass of wine, a pint of beer, a cup of tea, a pot of coffee, and so on. It is preferable to learn those phrases rather than wine, beer, tea, and so on. 

You can also benefit from learning related words. During a lunar month, the moon has four phases: crescent, gibbon, waxing, and waning. Learning all four words at the same time is more efficient.

3- Improve your pronunciation- You may know a lot of words, but if you don't say them correctly, no one will understand you. That seems like a waste of time spent memorising words, doesn't it? 

Use the little speaker symbol in online dictionaries like Macmillan and Merriam-Webster to check the pronunciation of any word you're not sure about.


So, here you go! Choose your preferred method for expanding your vocabulary, correcting your pronunciation, and improving your English speaking skills. Remember to practise as much as possible.