Successful public speaking in English.

Effective public speaking is a useful ability to have. In this tutorial, learn how to quickly master some basic public speaking skills and techniques.

From a business presentation to a personal introduction in front of new classmates, any speech requires more than just the spoken words. Great public speaking typically includes three types of communication: physical, visual, and narrative.


This includes your English body language and, in some cases, the setting in which you deliver your presentation. It conveys to listeners your level of expertise on the subject and how approachable you will be if they have any questions. 


This includes images, charts and graphs, PowerPoint slides, and any other visual element that reinforces your speech and assists your audience in following along. You can either use a slideshow projected on a screen or a video.


The story is at the heart of your speech. It affects both the words you say and their emotional content, as well as your physical and visual communication. 

If you're telling an inspirational story, 

Technique to achieve public speaking skill-
  • Learn key English phrases for speeches

                You have a set of tools to keep your speech on track if you memorise these key phrases. Use one of these phrases to add structure to your speech                 whenever you feel nervous. As long as you practise them thoroughly, retrieving them in critical situations will be effortless, and you will be amazed at how                 smooth they work.

  • Master the art of storytelling 

               Why are we so excited for the next season of "Game of Thrones" or so moved by "The Hunger Games"? 

                It all comes down to the story. You will also need to learn the art of storytelling if you want to engage your audience. Even something as mundane as a                 quarterly performance review should include a narrative explaining how and why the numbers exist.

  • Learn English body language 

               As previously stated, when speaking in public, you must exude confidence. Your confidence in your own abilities and opinions can be seen in the way you                hold your body more than in your words. 

               However, each culture has its own set of rules for physical communication. You may not be aware of which types of body language your audience will                respond to if you did not grow up in an English-speaking environment.


Public speaking in English is a valuable skill to have, but it is not easy to master. However, by learning the techniques in this article, you will gain the tools and confidence you need to speak in front of a group of people in English the next time.