A1-A2 Vocabulary | Part-3

September 12, 2022 11:28 PM
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These words are easy to understand and use. They are usually classified into three groups:

A1: Basic words that are essential for everyday communication.

A2: Intermediate words that are used in more specific situations.

A3: Advanced words that are used in specialized situations.When we talk about A1 and A2 vocabulary, we are referring to the two levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A1 is the beginner level, while A2 is the elementary level.

If you are just starting to learn a language, then your A1 vocabulary would include basic words and phrases that you need to get by in everyday situations. At the A2 level, you would be able to hold simple conversations and understand basic written texts.

List of words

A1 Vocabulary list

One of the most important things you can do to improve your English proficiency is to learn and master vocabulary. Here is a list of vocabulary words that you can use to help improve your English skills:

  • Abandon: to leave something or someone behind
  • Abundant: having a lot of something
  • Accomplish: to finish or achieve something
  • Achieve: to reach a goal or desired outcome
  • Advantage: a positive or beneficial quality or result
  • Ambitious: having a strong desire to succeed or achieve something
  • Annoy: to cause frustration or irritation
  • Appreciate: to be thankful for something or someone
  • Aspire: to have a strong desire to achieve or succeed at something
  • Assist: to help or give support
  • Benefit: a positive or favorable result or outcome
  • Bilingual: able to speak two languages
  • Challenge: something that is difficult to do or achieve
  • Commit: to pledge or give your time and energy to something
  • Comprehend: to understand something
  • Concentrate: to give all of your attention to something
  • Confident: feeling sure or certain about something
  • Consistency: the quality of being reliable or always the same
  • Cooperative: working together to achieve a common goal
  • Create: to make or produce something
  • Credible: able to be believed or trusted
  • Culture: the traditions, beliefs, and values of a group of people
  • Dedicate: to commit or give your time and energy to something
  • Depend: to rely on someone or something
  • Diversity: the state of having people who are different from
A2 vocabulary list

When it comes to learning English, there are certain words that are essential for students to know. These words are typically referred to as "A2 vocabulary."

Some of the most important A2 vocabulary words include:

- essay

- topic

- thesis

- main idea

- supporting details

- conclusion

Learning these words and understanding how to use them in context is key to success in English classes. Be sure to review and practice these words frequently so that you can use them confidently in your writing!


So, if you are starting out on your language learning journey, focus on building up your A1 vocabulary. And once you have a solid foundation, you can start moving on to the A2 level. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.