learn vocabulary to talk about clothes.

September 8, 2022 8:47 PM
As kids learn about the many kinds of clothing and outerwear available, as well as the purposes these items have for different circumstances or weather types, their vocabulary also expands and their sense of time and place may develop.‍

For young children, learning about clothing is always enjoyable! One of the first tasks a kid learns to do is dress themselves, at first with parental assistance, but soon enough, as the child becomes more autonomous, they want to take on a more active part. Young toddlers start to get more active in their daily dressing ritual at this point, and when they button their shirts, tie their shoes, or balance themselves to put on their pants, they start to learn some crucial motor skills.

More than merely teaching kids new words, learning the names of various clothing items during childhood is beneficial. Children who choose their own clothing may feel a sense of accomplishment and perhaps start to explore their own identities by selecting ensembles that reflect their personalities. You may discover terminology for teaching your kids about the many names for clothing here, along with a number of entertaining games and activities to include in the lesson.

List of Words

bikini:  clothing for women used for swimming that has a two pieces to cover the top and bottom of the body.

one-piece swimsuit/bathing suit:  a single item of clothing for women to wear swimming.

blouse:  a piece of clothing for women and girls that is a bit formal. It is sometimes made of finer materials like silk.

It can have buttons or not or be long-sleeved, short-sleeved or have no sleeves).

bra and panties:  clothing worn by women underneath their clothes.

button-down shirt:  a shirt with buttons in a line down the front of the shirt.

capri pants:  shorter pants with legs that go down to the calf.

dress:  a garment worn by women which covers both the top and bottom parts of the body.

evening gown:  a formal dress usually worn in the evening for special occasions.

halter top:  a top worn by women that ties around the neck and does not have any sleeves.

jeans skirt:  clothing that covers the hips and legs and is made of jeans material.

pants:  clothing which covers the lower body and has an opening for each leg.

pumps or heels:  accessories which cover the feet that have a raised heel which is often pointy.

ruffled skirt:  a skirt with ruffles, which is material gathered into frills (as seen in the picture).

ruffled tank top:  a sleeveless top with ruffles - or material gathered into frills (as seen in the picture).

shorts:  pants that end above or at the knee.

skinny pants / skinny jeans:  a style of pants or jeans that is very slim so that they tightly fit to the legs, hips and buttocks.


When you go shopping or want to congratulate someone who is wearing something you like, this English clothes vocabulary will come in helpful. Look at the video below to hear the phrase spoken in American English. After each item, there is a break so that you may practise pronouncing the words on your own. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.