Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for talking about holidays.

September 29, 2022 12:16 AM
The key terms used while discussing anything pertaining to the body are listed below. All of the words are divided into several bodily parts, such as the legs, head, and chest. Each word has an example phrase to help you learn it in context.

Each word has an example phrase to help you learn it in context. A list of bodily movement verbs is also included, along with information on which body component performs each action.

The words we need to know in order to communicate successfully are referred to as our vocabulary. The four vocabularies of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are frequently taken into account by educators. The words we require to grasp what we hear are known as listening vocabulary. The vocabulary we use when speaking is called speaking vocabulary. The words we must grasp to comprehend what we read are referred to as reading vocabulary. The vocabulary we use when writing is made up of words.

  • holiday
  • hotel
  • motel
  • tent
  • picnic
  • passport
  • map
  • airport
  • baggage
  • campsite
  • caravan
  • backpack
  • bags
  • beach
  • binoculars
  • bus
  • boat
  • cab
  • camera
  • coast
  • cruise
  • customs
  • departure
  • destination
  • embark
  • expedition
  • excursion
  • ferry
  • flight
  • fly
  • foreign
  • foreigner
  • guide
  • tour guide
  • hostel
  • inn
  • island
  • journey
  • lake
  • landing
  • leave
  • leisure
  • luggage
  • mountains
  • museum
  • national park
  • outdoors
  • pack
  • passage
  • photos
  • pictures
  • plane
  • port
  • postcard
  • Recreation


Holiday is a duration of time away form work or daily requirements and intended for relaxing, or recreation. Holiday vocabulary include both recreational facilities and transportation. The majority of the words in a work must be understood in order for the reader to comprehend it. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.