Vocabulary for Meetings and it's uses

July 27, 2022 6:22 PM
In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the most important vocabulary words related to meetings.

In order to have successful meetings, it is important to use the correct vocabulary. This blog post will outline the most important words and phrases to know.

Definition :

If you're attending or hosting a meeting, there are certain vocabulary words you should know. 

A meeting is a gathering of two or more people for the purpose of discussing a topic or sharing information. Meetings can be conducted in person or virtually, and they can be formal or informal.

key vocabulary words related to meetings: 

There are a few key vocabulary words related to meetings that you should know. 

Here are some of the most important and meaningful ones:

  • Agenda: A list of topics to be discussed at a video or all types meeting.
  • Conference call: A meeting that is conducted over the phone or video conferencing.
  • Minutes: A written record or data of what was discussed at a meeting.
  • Objectives: The goals or objectives of a meeting.
  • Outcomes: The results of a meeting.

Types of Meetings : 
  •  Business meeting: A meeting between two or more people     to discuss business matters.
  •  Team meeting: A meeting between members of a team to discuss project updates, deadlines, etc.
  •  Board meeting: A meeting of a company's board of directors.
  •  Client meeting: A meeting between a client and a service provider.
  •  Prospect meeting: A meeting between a potential customer and a salesperson.
  •  Staff meeting: A meeting of employees to discuss company business. A meeting between staff members to discuss company policies, procedures, etc.

vocabulary words you might encounter in a meeting setting:

  • Introduce: To form a present someone
  • Agenda: A list of items to be discussed or as agreed at a meeting room.
  • Minutes: A written record of what was discussed and decided at a meeting
  • Chair: The person or human who presides over a meeting
  • Attendee: A person who attends a meeting to introduce two or more people.
  • Discuss: To discuss a topic or issue with someone.
  • Present: To give a presentation at a meeting.
  • Vote: To cast a vote on a proposal or issue.
  • Adjourn: To end a meeting and adjourn to another location.
  • Reschedule: To reschedule a meeting.
  • Cancel: To cancel a meeting.

Examples : 

Here are a few examples of meetings vocabulary in action:

  • "I'd like to introduce our new intern, Piyush."
  • "Please chair the meeting”

Conclusion : 
  • resolution - a formal decision or statement of intent made by a group
  • action - something that is done or is to be done as a result of a decision
  • summary - a brief statement that presents the main points of something
  • outcome - the result or consequence of something