Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.

September 17, 2022 5:04 PM
A person's language's set of common terms is known as their vocabulary.

A vocabulary is a valuable and essential tool for communication and information acquisition that typically develops with age. One of the hardest parts of learning a second language is developing a wide vocabulary.

The words we need to know in order to communicate successfully are referred to as our vocabulary. The four vocabularies of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are frequently taken into account by educators. The words we require to grasp what we hear are known as listening vocabulary. The vocabulary we use when speaking is called speaking vocabulary. The words we must grasp to comprehend what we read are referred to as reading vocabulary. The vocabulary we use when writing is made up of words.

List of words

Airline (N)

The airline or carrier you fly with is the name of the company that owns the airplane e.g. Singapore Airlines, British Airways.

I need to book a flight to Berlin next week. Which airline do you suggest I fly with?

The cheapest airline that flies to Germany is Lufthansa. It’s a German carrier.

Arrivals (N)

When your plane arrives at the airport, your family and friends will meet you at arrivals.

Jane, I’ll meet you in the arrivals lounge. I’ll be holding a sign to tell you I’m looking for you.

Board (V)

To board (a plane) means to go onto it.

All passengers on Belle Air flight 2216 must go to the gate. The plane will begin boarding in 10 minutes.

Boarding pass (N)

After you have notified the airline you are at the airport and you’ve checked your luggage, you will be given a boarding pass that shows you where the plane will be boarding and it will also show your seat number.

Sir, this is your boarding pass. You will be boarding at gate 22 at 6.35.

Boarding time (N)

Your boarding time is the time that people will be allowed to start entering the plane.

Boarding time was changed due to a technical problem. We would like to apologize for the delay.

Book (a ticket) (V)

When you book a ticket it means that you have reserved your place and paid for it.

Hi, how can I help you?

I’d like to book a return ticket to Paris, please.

Business class (N)

Business class is the area where people who are traveling for business purposes sit. It’s towards the front of the plane and the tickets are more expensive than normal tickets.

We’d like to invite all our passengers flying in business class to start boarding.

Carry on (luggage) (N)

Your carry on luggage is the small piece of hand luggage that you are allowed to take with you onto the plane. These bags usually have to be a certain size and weigh less than 8kg.

I’m sorry, but your carry on is too heavy. You will have to check it.


A reader's comprehension of what they are reading is substantially aided by their use of vocabulary. The majority of the words in a work must be understood in order for the reader to comprehend it. Most word meanings are imparted to students indirectly via daily interactions with written and oral language. Through well crafted education, new words are taught. You can also download our app from the playstore or visit our website.