Business English Vocabulary : Part-4

Words and expressions for all who study business English and need to learn business vocabulary for all occasions. Business English for English learners. In the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you can add these 25 powerful and essential business English words to your vocabulary. So grab a cup and enjoy!

Do you want to get into advertising but feel lost when people start talking about the different types of campaigns? You're not alone. Advertising can be a complicated industry with a lot of jargon. To help you get started, here are definitions of some common advertising terms.

An advertising campaign is a set of coordinated activities with the goal of promoting a product, service, or cause. Different types of campaigns can be effective for different purposes. For example, a brand awareness campaign might use TV commercials and social media ads to increase the visibility of a company or product, while a lead generation campaign might use targeted emails and display ads to generate sales leads.


Advertising campaigns can be targeted to different audiences. For example, a campaign might be targeted at people in a certain age group, or people who live in a certain area.

Advertising campaigns can use different types of media, including television, radio, print, and digital.A media buy is the purchase of advertising space or time from a media outlet. Media buyers typically work with advertising agencies to negotiate rates and placement for commercials, print ads, and other forms of advertising.

A media planner is someone who helps create and execute advertising campaigns by working with media buyers to select the appropriate media outlets and negotiate rates.


An advertising agency is a company that creates and executes advertising campaigns for clients. Agencies typically have a team of creative professionals who develop ad ideas, as well as a team of media buyers who purchase advertising space and time.