Unit 4: Starting and finishing emails

Dear [Name] This email greeting is an appropriate salutation for formal email correspondence. It's typically used in cover letters, official business letters, and other communication when you want to convey respect for the recipient

Understanding formal and informal emails

Layout of email

We often use a comma after the introductory sentence of an email. After writing the recipient's name, we begin a new line.

Writing a comma after the last sentence of an email is standard practice. To write our name at the conclusion, we begin a new line.


Dear Mr Piper,

I am writing to thank you for all your help.

I look forward to seeing you next week.

Kind regards,



Hi Tim,

Many thanks for your help.

See you next week.



Phrases used in email writing

Starting phrases

Dear Sonal,

Greetings Jack,

Ending phrases


With best wishes,