Influencing across cultures-CEFR

Influencing others is a vital business skill, but how should you vary your approach to get the best results in different cultures?

Do you need to practise your scanning and conclude regarding business topics and problems at a similar time?

You can learn helpful language for a good variety of business topics from completely different perspectives, in addition as tips and techniques for managing business issues. every article has interactive exercises to assist you perceive and use the language.


Start with the practical aspects and go straight to real-life examples. They present some case studies of people who got back pain from sitting in uncomfortable work chairs and were unable to go to work. They show how they and their companies have benefited from buying your chair. Using these examples, apply this to your audience and tell them that because your chair has helped your past customers and saved your company money, your chair will help your audience too. They 

decide they should buy your chair.


The internet has created it simple for business leaders to access and digest data. However, you have got to watch out wherever you get your information as a result of these platforms aren’t created equally.

Each lesson includes a model text with reading tips, and tasks to test your understanding and practice various writing skills. Begin right away. Hope that this article helped you and for more information on relevant topics you can visit the SpeakoClub website and can learn and explore more about English speaking and writing and reading skills.