Explanation 10 Body Language Tips for Presentations

The quality of your presentation is most directly related to the quality of your preparation. Learn how to make a good presentation even more effective with our top tips, drawing on expert advice from around the world.

       Explore 10 tips for giving a great presentation to an audience and learn how to develop these skills for your next presentation.

To capture your audience's attention throughout the presentation, it can be helpful to craft a strong, engaging beginning. However you decide to start your presentation, make sure that it is relevant to your presentation and supports the main message you want your audience to remember at the end. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Present an interesting question, problem or anecdote.
  • Quote an influential or interesting person.
  • Share a story that leads to the main topic of your presentation.
  • Show an interesting statistic, chart or image.
  • Play a brief video that sets up your presentation.
  • Make a statement that generates curiosity or shocks the audience.

10 Tips for Presentations:-
  1. Open palms and be expressive
  2. Give eyebrow flash a gesture of greeting
  3. Always try using a genuine smile
  4. Point at the slides of presentation when talking about any point
  5. To show confidence, keep your back straight while giving presentation
  6. Try smiling, nodding, showing gestures to keep the audience engaged
  7. Use physical space wherever possible and walk while talking
  8. Maintain proper eye contact with the audience
  9. Encourage the audience for more participation
  10. When there is any hard question, pause and breathe slowly and then answer the question