English for emails | Part-1

Follow the email format outlined above. Start sentences with a capital letter, break up sentences with commas, and end every sentence with a full stop. Keep sentences short. Every sentence should have a subject (John), verb (reads) object (books)

The @ symbol may be seen in every email address.

For example:




As you can see, Bob's email account, bob@gmail.com, simply utilizes his first name. Jane Hyde’s email address isJane_hyde1233@britishcouncil.org and includes both his first name and last name. The name of the department (Reservations) is provided in the email address reservations@beachhotelbern.com, but not the person's name.

Saying email addresses-

Keep in mind that @ is pronounced ‘at’ and .  pronounced "dot." Reservations for Faiyer Co. Ltd are made via reservations@faiyerservices.com.

‘_’ is referred to as an "underscore" in email addresses. Teaching job at English academy is indicated by the URL teaching_ services@english academy.id.

Sometimes, email addresses are written with the first letter capitalized (Jane.Hyde@britishcouncil.org). Occasionally, the entire address is capitalized (JNAE.HYDE@BRITISHCOUNCIL.ORG). However, most individuals use lowercase letters when writing email addresses (for example, jane.hyde@britishcouncil.org).

Few domain names: