Company Structure Business Vocabulary

Here are twenty business words and terms often used to talk about company structure. With definitions. Vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers.

It is important for companies to have a clear structure and business vocabulary. This will help employees communicate effectively and work together efficiently. By having a common vocabulary, employees will be able to better understand each other and the company's goals.



One whose profession includes organizing, maintaining and auditing the records of individuals or businesses. The records are usually, but not always, financial records.


Person who works as a manager and runs the office.

board of directors

A body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a company. The board is non-executive which means that the members are not concerned by day-to-day running of the company. The board is headed by a chairman.

chief executive officer

The Managing Director, the most important person in a company. The CEO makes big decisions.

chief financial officer

Responsible for the Finance Department. Expert in financial matters. The Finance Department takes responsibility for organizing the financial and accounting affairs including the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, and the provision of financial information for managers. Accountants work for the Finance Department.


Ordinary office worker

education officer

Organizes training, classes for the the employees


A worker who does hard physical work


Visitors must check in with them

research worker

A person who investigates and produces new products. Research workers work for Research and Development department (R&D)

personnel officer

A person who takes care of administration of new and existing personnel

public relations officer

gives information to the press, TV, etc about the company

safety officer

makes sure that machine etc are not dangerous to use

sales assistant

sells goods to the public. Sales assistant works for the Sales Department, the division of a business that is responsible for selling products or services.

security officer

makes sure thieves, criminals, etc cannot enter the company.


one that owns or holds a share or shares of a company.

skilled worker

trained to do specific tasks. An unskilled worker, by contrast, does a job that needs no training.


Also called team leader. A supervisor makes sure that the workers are doing their job properly. Under the supervisor, there are analysts, who analyze information or data, and assistants.

union representative

looks after the staff's interests.


You must be familiar with the language associated with corporate hierarchy if you are learning English and, in particular, if you are interested in learning business English.