Basic of Sentences | Class 1


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Basic of Sentences | Class 1

Teaching kids to write complete sentences can be tricky business. They usually learn pretty quickly that a sentence begins with an uppercase letter and ends with a period. The trouble comes when we start teaching basic sentence structure, which is so important to understand, as this skill is needed to build more complex sentences later.

What Is A Sentence?

A sentence is a group of words that complement each other and create a sensible and meaningful sentence. A sentence can be referred to as a set of words containing a subject and a predicate. A subject indicates the topic of the sentence, while a predicate defines what is said about the subject. For example, in the sentence ‘You speak English’, ‘You’ is the subject while ‘speak English’ is the predicate. Another fact about sentences is that they always contain a verb. The children must know the sentence definition for class 1 to become familiar with proper sentence structure and learn to construct grammatically correct sentences. Dictation sentences can be used to model speech that children can write down to easily grasp the essence of writing sentences.

Benefits Of Learning 1st Grade Sentences For Your Child

Knowledge about proper sentence construction can help interpret and understand various types of English literature. Dealing with different sentences helps to form better sentence composition, and grammar helps to develop better reasoning skills and fluency. Children can comprehend sentences and tough paragraphs easier and faster. Improving your language performance through proper sentence construction is always better to get a competitive edge.

List of Sentences For Kids In Class 1

Here is a list of sentences to start your children’s language journey for proper sentence construction.

Small And Simple Sentences For Class 1

  1. I love my parents.
  2. My dog loves to play.
  3. I like my school.
  4. I need to go to the restroom.
  5. I go to school.
  6. May I come in?
  7. I comb my hair.
  8. Happy birthday to you!
  9. I tie my shoes.
  10. That is a pen.
  11. See you tomorrow.
  12. How old are you?
  13. What is your name?
  14. I open the door.
  15. What is your favorite color?
  16. It is eight o’clock.
  17. I am hungry.
  18. I like to eat apples.
  19. Your dress is beautiful.
  20. Where do you live?
  21. I wake up early in the morning.
  22. Which is your favorite subject?
  23. Who is your best friend?
  24. My father is in his office.
  25. I walk to my school.
  26. Today is a sunny day.
  27. My favorite color is yellow.
  28. There is a cat.
  29. Where is your sister?
  30. I love playing football.
  31. My mother cooks delicious foods.
  32. I have a pet cat.
  33. I enjoy dancing.
  34. I have four friends.
  35. I study in the evening.

Jumbled Sentences For Class 1

For this, kids are asked to change the sequence of the words to make meaningful sentences.

1. Dog catches stick The the.

The dog catches the stick.

2. The student chair sat the on.

The student sat on the chair.

3. Cat to park the walked The.

The cat walked to the park.

4. The reads story teacher students the to a.

The teacher reads a story to the students.

5. Toy Please away your put.

Please put away your toy.

6. Lamp on turned the Mom.

Mom turned on the lamp.

7. Dog love I my.

I love my dog.

8. Exam is tomorrow my.

My exam is tomorrow.

9. Late comes home Father.

Father comes home late.

10. Pretty are Those butterflies.

Those butterflies are pretty.

Action Word Sentences For Class 1

  1. My father is working.
  2. I am going to sleep.
  3. What are you eating?
  4. I am revising the chapters.
  5. The swans are swimming in the pond.
  6. The bees collect nectar from flowers.
  7. I am waiting for a friend at the bus stop.
  8. I am learning new words to grow my vocabulary.
  9. I play with my friends during recess.
  10. I am eating a cake.

Noun Sentences For Class 1

  1. He cannot play the guitar.
  2. Do you live in India?
  3. My mother works in a hospital.
  4. The sun rises in the East.
  5. The ball smashed the window.
  6. Dogs are very faithful animals.
  7. Cow milk is beneficial for health.
  8. My grandmother works in the garden daily.
  9. She completes her homework every day.
  10. Our dog fell ill today.

Pronoun Sentences For Class 1

  1. They are good players.
  2. The bird was staring at herself in the mirror.
  3. He asked me to complete the task by noon.
  4. You have to come to the picnic.
  5. She has many toffees in her pocket.
  6. He had forgotten his wallet in the room.
  7. Everybody was present at the inauguration.
  8. I have not eaten anything yet.
  9. I do not know them.
  10. He is very strong.

Adjective Sentences For Class 1

  1. They live in a beautiful house.
  2. She is an adorable baby.
  3. Sweta’s hair is gorgeous.
  4. He writes incomplete letters.
  5. We are enjoying the scenic beauty.
  6. She wore a pretty dress.
  7. This store is much nicer.
  8. This soup is not edible.
  9. You are wearing a sleeveless dress today.
  10. John has an awesome car.

‘A’ and ‘An’ Sentences For Class 1

  1. This is an excellent pen.
  2. Alex is training to be an engineer.
  3. I saw an accident with a car.
  4. I need a kilogram of sugar.
  5. A tiger ran towards the lake.
  6. I ate an apple.
  7. The dog chewed on a bone.
  8. This is a mango.
  9. There is a store nearby.
  10. I saw a deer in the forest.

Tips To Teach Sentence Writing To Children In Class 1

There are certain ways to teach your child to write sentences properly.

  • Dictate the sentence: Dictating sentences can enhance the learning experience. Parents, guardians and teachers can dictate sentences to the children so that they can improve their writing skills. This activity helps understand the language, improves comprehension, boosts cognitive development, and improves focus, concentration, and imagination in kids.
  • Reading Sentences: Reading sentences for class 1 is an effective way to improve sentence construction. Sight sentences for class 1, noun sentences, pronoun sentences, action word sentences, and small and simple sentences can help your child identify different sentences and enhance the ability to comprehend sentences and articles faster.
  • Charts: Hang small sentence charts in the kids’ room and ask them to keep reading and writing the sentences mentioned in the chart. Also, explain the meaning of those simple sentences so your child comprehends them better.
  • Connecting the words: Write words of a sentence on different pieces of paper and then arrange them to form the sentence for your child. Then, teach the child which words are the subject and predicate and where they are placed in the sentence. Repeat this exercise with as many different sentences as you can. Once they understand the concept, ask them to write the sentences in a notebook.

All these methods are necessary and are highly recommended for kids to develop their linguistic skills. Children learn better when they learn through interactive techniques, and these methods will help them learn sentence formation in the fastest way possible.

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