Academic Grading scores - Reading-IELTS

The exam gauges your readiness to start studying in English. It uses terminology that is common in academic contexts. 

For people wishing to attend a university or environment where English is the primary language, the IELTS Academic test is appropriate (higher education). For the purpose of professional registration, you can also take IELTS Academic. 

You have the option of taking the IELTS Academic on paper, online, or at home or another appropriate venue.

How is the reading test of IELTS marked?

You will need to respond to 40 questions on the reading test. There are several different question kinds employed, including matching, multiple choice, True/False/Not Given, and sentence completion. The marking is a little different from the Speaking and Writing assessments because your responses can only be correct or incorrect. Each accurate response will earn you one mark, and the total number of marks earned will determine your band score.

Academic reading:
  • Band score of 5 is equal to 15 out of a raw score of 40.
  • Band score of 6 is equal to 23 out of a raw score of 40.
  • Band score of 7 is equal to 30 out of a raw score of 40.
  • Band score of 8 is equal to 35 out of a raw score of 40.


To prepare for this exam all you have to do is work hard and gather as many resources as possible from books, online websites, videos etc. For further information you can visit SpeakoClub and receive a lot of information regarding IELTS. Both the exams have their own importance. Nothing is impossible, not even this exam. Once you decide to clear it then all you need is a proper dedication to clear it and achieve your life goals.