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1- (iii)- In the opening sentence of Section A, the author discusses how the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development designated some "regions" (wilderness regions), including mountains, Arctic lands, deserts, small islands, and wetlands, as "fragile" (i.e., highly vulnerable to abnormal pressures), not only in terms of their ecology but also in terms of the culture of their inhabitants. Tourists are attracted to these places by their "beautiful natural landscapes and the distinctive traditions of their indigenous people," according to the second paragraph of the same section (reasons for expansion of tourism). Additionally, in these remote locations, the underdeveloped governments "welcomed the new breed of "adventure tourist"," appreciative of the "hard dollar they bring" (reason for tourism).

2- (v)- The repercussions on the local community are substantial once a location becomes the primary "tourist attraction," according to paragraph 1 of Section B. Sometimes "hill-farmers" make "more money working as porters for foreign hikers" than they "can in a year farming in their fields," according to one study. Many of them "leave up their farm-work" as a result. Due to a lack of labour, this has caused a "severe reduction in agriculture output" and "a change in the local cuisine" in several hill regions. Because of this, "many individuals in these locations have turned to outside supply of rice and other goods," according to the report. The third paragraph also mentions "the physical impact of visitors" as "another important problem" connected to the "increase in tourism."


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