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27- TRUE- It is stated in paragraph 1 that extended series from a single nest (one group of ants), which contain "all castes," such as workers, including majors and minors, and, if present, queens and males (members), are preferred, since they enable the determination of variation within species. The response is accurate since the assertion and the information line up. 

28- NOT GIVEN- The author claims in Paragraph 1 that the "taxonomist" occasionally "overlooks whole species" in favour of those groups now being studied. However, there is no mention of the fact that they have discovered new species while doing their research. Therefore, no answer is provided.

29- TRUE- In the first sentence of the paragraph, the author states that "for ecological research," "gathering identifiable samples" (collection) of "as many of the diverse species" (range) present as feasible" is the "most important aspect." The response is accurate since the assertion and the information line up. 

30- FALSE—In sentence 1, it is stated that "these methodologies" (taxonomic and ecological investigations) "are not usually compatible." The "ecologist" frequently "collects just a limited number of specimens of each species," so "limiting their worth for taxonomic research," in contrast to the "taxonomist," who occasionally "overlooks complete species" in favour of those groups. As a result, it is impossible to use the same collection of ants for ecological and taxonomic purposes. The answer is wrong since the statement goes against the available data.


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