Intermediate skimming techniques-IELTS

This is an IELTS reading lesson to help you with speed-reading strategies: skimming and scanning. You will learn how to skim and scan effectively and get the most out of your IELTS Reading test.

Skimming the technique of reading the provided text rapidly and getting a general overview of the passage. This helps the reader to get a basic idea of the things that the passage consists of.

How to perform it?
  • Read the first sentence of each paragraph before skimming the first few words of each subsequent phrase. This will make it clear what the paragraph's overarching theme is.
  • Don't pay attention to or underline unfamiliar terms. You'll go more slowly if you concentrate on unfamiliar words. 
  • Verses' verbs should be skimmed. This lets you know whether the text's content is altering. 
  • Every sentence should be examined beginning with the verb. The start of new information in a sentence is typically indicated by the verb. 
  • Cover the left or right side of a text and quickly scan it. This prevents you from paying undue attention to the meaning.
  • Read a text quickly to grasp the These could be ideas or facts. To find words that make a pattern, picture, or have something in common, you might skim a text line by line without looking up the meaning. As you peruse, keep in mind that authors must avoid repetition, so they employ synonyms to develop a subject.


To prepare for this exam all you have to do is work hard and gather as many resources as possible. For further information you can visit SpeakoClub and receive a lot of information regarding IELTS. Utilizing these abilities is crucial, but if we only utilize these methods constantly, we will overlook crucial information and provide incorrect responses. Let's practise using the following methods efficiently: