How to build oral vocabulary?

Talking to your child helps expand vocabulary, develop background knowledge, and inspire a curiosity about the world – all of which help with learning to read! Here are some simple activities you can do at home to get your child ready to read.

The International English Language Testing System is commonly called IELTS. It is a system of testing that assesses your proficiency in four areas of the English language: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. It's not always necessary to spend long, arduous hours studying in order to prepare. It might go beyond the study materials and mock exams.

  • Get familiar with the many dialects of the language. Observe recommended English films and television shows. Play some English music. news in English. Pay attention to the aboriginal orators.
  • One does not learn a language through merely studying it. It will function subconsciously and aid in expanding your vocabulary as you create an English-speaking environment around you.
  • Try to deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words from their context if you come across any. Don't be afraid to look them up in the dictionary as well.
  • Using the new words you learn, create your own word bank. The word bank need to be composed of straightforward English words that have context. 
  • Avoid looking for tough words. 
  • Put the words to use in a sentence. Make sure you are familiar with the terminology so that you can use them naturally. Your speech will sound natural and not forced into the conversation. 
  • Any idioms or expressions you come across should be noted down. When speaking, don't forget to use them.


To prepare for this exam all you have to do is work hard and gather as many resources as possible. For further information you can visit SpeakoClub and receive a lot of information regarding IELTS.