IELTS Reading topic apeared in Exams : Part-4

IELTS Reading test takes 60 minutes to complete. IELTS Reading test consists of 3 or 4 reading paragraphs.

The academic reading passage "In Praise Of Amateurs" was included in an IELTS test. 

Some of the IELTS reading question categories are present. Take an IELTS reading practise test if you're interested in becoming familiar with all the question kinds.


1- Summary completion-You will be given an incomplete summary to complete in the summary completion question. You have two choices for this question assignment type: one requires you to select words directly from the text, and the other requires you to choose terms from a list of alternatives. The instructions will state how many words or numbers you must include in your response if you must select words from the text. If you must choose terms from a list, they may, however, be either synonyms (words having similar meanings) or antonyms (words with opposite meanings) of the text's words or they may be taken straight from the text.

2- Matching features-There will be a list of items in the box and some features that are related to them in the matching features kind of question. By reading and comprehending a few sentences in the passages, you must be able to match these items. The list may contain the names of cities or individuals. For instance, the challenge might be to match the sentence with the speaker if the item box contains the name of a specific individual. Some of the objects indicated, like other match-question categories, might not be included in the passage. Therefore, read the passage before responding to each question to save time.



Answer1- Scientists 

Location- Paragraph A, Line 1

Answer2- Science

Location- Paragraph A, Line 4

Answer3- Field

Location- Paragraph B, Line 1

Answer4- cooperation/collaboration

Location- paragraph B, last line

Answer5- observation

Location- paragraph D, line 3

Answer6- dinosaurs

Location- paragraph E, line 4

Answer7- conservation program

Location- paragraph F, last line

Answer8- acknowledge 

Location- paragraph G, line 4


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