Advanced skimming techniques-IELTS

Skimming is the technique of reading the provided text rapidly and getting a general overview of the passage. This helps the reader to get a basic idea of the things that the passage consists of.
How to perform it?
  • Take note of words that describe a broad scene as you skim the text ahead or backward, such as airports, passengers, lounges, and flights. 
  • Look for the paragraph's main idea. It doesn't always happen from the start. 
  • Utilize your understanding of the various sentence structures and paragraph structures to anticipate and navigate the passage. 
  • After focusing on a paragraph's focal subject, let your eyes drift around it as you skim the nouns and verbs to get the main concept. 
  • Make use of the questions to guide you through the material.
  • To comprehend a text quickly, This can include ideas or facts. For instance, skim a paragraph line by line without considering the meaning and highlight any words that make a pattern, picture, or that are similar. To minimise repetition, writers must employ synonyms while developing a theme, so keep that in mind as you skim.


To prepare for this exam all you have to do is work hard and gather as many resources as possible. For further information you can visit SpeakoClub and receive a lot of information regarding IELTS. Utilizing these abilities is crucial, but if we only utilize these methods constantly, we will overlook crucial information and provide incorrect responses. Let's practise using the following methods efficiently: