What's So Funny Reading Answers -IELTS

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What's so Funny? is an academic reading passage that was used in an IELTS test. 

Some of the IELTS reading question categories are present. Take an IELTS reading practise test if you're interested in becoming familiar with all the question kinds.


1- Diagram completion- You are given a descriptive text and a diagram or plan in this diagram completion question, and your task is to name the diagram or plan in accordance with the text. Your diagram could be a process flowchart, a process description, a technical picture, or a plan for something.

2- True/False/Not Given- The "True/False/Not Given" questions can be exceedingly challenging. There are multiple statements in this question. You must mark each one as true if it appears in the article as written. If the assertion is proven to be the complete opposite of the existing sentence, it should be classified as false. If the answer to the question is completely absent from the article, the answer should be noted as not given. Spend less time trying to find the sentence that isn't there.

3- Matching sentence endings- You will be given a list of incomplete sentences without endings and a list of possible answers for the matching sentence finishing question. Your objective is to use the reading material to determine the proper endings for the unfinished sentences. 

For questions 14–27, read the passage below and then respond. Along with the answers, the placement of the answers in the passage, and the keywords that support the answers are included after the questions.



14- False

15- Not Given

16- True

17- False

18- True

19- Not Given

20- True


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