The Little Ice Age Reading Answers -IELTS

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The academic reading passage "The Little Ice Age" was included in an IELTS test. 

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1- II

Explanation- The Little Ice Age's climatic phenomena are discussed in paragraph B along with how they "did more than help form the current globe." They provide the "extreme global warming currently under way" with its "very essential context." The significance of the Little Ice Age to modern society is therefore question II.

2- VII

Explanation- A "narrative history" (a study) of climate changes over the last ten centuries (a thousand years) is discussed in paragraph D, along with some of the "ways in which people in Europe responded to them." therefore, VII is the response (A study covering a thousand years).

3- IX

Explanation-  According to paragraph E, a slow agricultural revolution in northern Europe resulted from a continent-wide famine and entailed extensive commercial farming and the cultivation of animal feed on previously uncultivated ground. Some nations became "self-sufficient in grain and cattle" (enough food) thanks to the "improved production from farms" and "provided good protection against hunger." So, IX is the response (Enough food at last).

4- IV

Explanation-  As the farmers began to travel in search of more land, it is mentioned in paragraph F that the Little Ice Age gave way to a new climatic regime (human effect on climate). Between 1850 and 1890, when intensive European farming techniques spread, "millions of hectares of forest and woodland fell" before the immigrants' axes. Additionally, "unprecedented land clearance released massive quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere" and the resulting "human-caused global warming" were both brought on by the unprecedented land clearing. The twentieth century saw an increase in temperatures as a result of widespread usage of fossil fuels and rising greenhouse gas levels. So, IV is the response (Human impact on the climate).


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