The Dover Bronze Age Boat Reading Answers IELTS

The Academic passage "The Dover Bronze Age Boat" is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Try to find the answers to get an idea of the...

The academic reading passage "The Dover Bronze Age Boat" was included in an IELTS test. Find the solutions to the questions to get a sense of how challenging the reading passages will be on the real test. Try one of our IELTS reading practice exams if you want additional passages to solve.



1. Road- A new road was being built through the centre of Dover in England in the year 1992, according to the opening sentence of paragraph 2. The next sentence adds that the archaeologists "discovered a prehistoric boat" that was preserved by the sort of sediment it was buried in while clearing away the waterlogged location beneath the timbers. The answer is "road" as a result.

2. Conference-. In paragraph 6, it is stated that the Dover Bronze Age Boat Trust "hosted a conference" in 2002, on the tenth anniversary of the discovery, where this blending of various traditions was made clear. Other presenters examined the boat's "social and economic circumstances, as well as the religious perceptions of boats in Bronze-Age communities" in addition to technical studies "about the boat" that were presented (information). There were "many speakers from abroad" (international), and the discussion of cross-cultural ties was revived. So, "conference" is the correct response. 

3. Detailed- "proposals" to "reconstruct the boat" were developed in "2004," according to paragraph 8 of the same paragraph. The solution is "proposals" as a result.

4. Launch- According to paragraph 9, there was a lot of interest and support, and the project was "officially launched" during an international seminar in France "in 2007," which was eventually given the name "BOAT 1550 BC." The solution is "launch" as a result. 

5. Exhibition- In paragraph 11, it is mentioned that the Castle Museum in Boulogne-sur-Mer was getting ready to host a "exhibition" in July "2012." Beyond the Horizon: Societies of the Channel & North Sea 3,500 Years Ago brought together (featured) for the first time a "remarkable collection of Bronze-Age objects" (the boat and other objects), many of which were brand-new finds for commercial archaeology as well as some of the greatest treasures of antiquity. The answer is "exhibition," as a result.


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