Sentence completion and Short-answer Questions-IELTS

Learn how to answer Sentence Completion questions. Follow this proven strategy & discover key tips for a higher score. See examples from a real IELTS Reading test paper.

1- Sentence completion- In this type, you must read a paragraph, and you must complete sentences in place of answering questions. Once more, the instructions make it plain how many words you may use. Use no more than two words, for instance.

2- Short answer - You must read a passage and respond to questions of this type. The number of words allowed is stated in the guidelines explicitly. Use "USE NOT MORE THAN THREE WORDS," for instance.


1- sentence completion-

Here is an illustration of a set of instructions from a previous test. You may respond to this question with ONE WORD, but it must be taken from the text.

2- Short answer-

Question 1-3

1- What is an alternative name for Easter Eggs?

2- Which types of eggs were used formerly at Easter in Europe?

3- What do the Eggs represent?


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