Eco Tourism Reading Answers IELTS

The Academic passage "Eco-Tourism" is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Try to find the answers to get an idea of the difficulty lev...

The academic reading passage "Eco-Tourism" was included in an IELTS test. Find the solutions to the questions to get a sense of how challenging the reading passages will be on the real test. Try one of our IELTS reading practice exams if you want additional passages to solve.

Types of questions-

1- Matching information- The IELTS reading test includes questions of the "Matching Information" type, which require test-takers to match the information to the question statements. These questions typically ask candidates to match information that describes an action, an outcome, or some other significant event. The test-taker should skim the passage and find the relevant details to match the available options.

2- Summary completion- One of the most common types of questions in the IELTS reading exam is the summary completion question, where the test-taker must fill in the gaps to complete the summary with pertinent terms from the passage. The test-taker must skim and quickly scan the passage, comprehend the paraphrase, select the correct word, and finish the summary.



1- A

2- D

3- C

4- B

5- A


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