Multiple Choice Questions- IELTS

Learn how to answer Multiple Choice questions. Follow this proven strategy & discover key tips for a higher score. See examples from a real IELTS Reading test paper.

You can respond more skillfully to IELTS reading multiple-choice questions with the help of this article. You may encounter multiple choice questions on both the academic and general IELTS reading papers (MCQs).Your task is to simply select the right response from a selection of alternatives.


MCQs come in three main varieties. You will have to choose between 

select one from the following four answers. 

pick two from the available five answers. 

select three from the available six solutions. 

The most popular choice is the first one. 

There could be two alternative question formats as well. Either: 

either finishing a phrase or responding to an inquiry.

SpeakoClub Tips-
  • Before reading the material, read the questions. 
  • Usually, you may eliminate two of the four options, leaving you with just two. You'll be able to choose the right answers if you consider how these two options differ in meaning. 
  • Rephrasing two or three statements in your own words can be useful if you're unsure about their differences. 
  • Take a guess if you don't know the answer or if time is of the essence. You won't lose points for giving the incorrect answer, and merely guessing gives you a 25% chance of getting it right.


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