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Reading Passage The Academic passage "The Scientific Method" is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Ideally, you should not spend more...

The academic reading passage "The Scientific Method" was included in an IELTS test. A passage should ideally not take you longer than 20 minutes to read. Let's check your comfort level with this passage and see if you can finish it in 20 minutes. If not, take more of's IELTS reading practice tests.


1- Matching headlines- In the IELTS reading test, the matching heads type of question requires test-takers to match paragraph headings to the paragraphs in the reading material. The ability of the test-taker to comprehend the passage's primary theme and accurately match the headers is evaluated by questions of the matching heading kind.

2- Matching information- The IELTS reading test frequently uses questions of the matching information kind, which require test-takers to match the material from various paragraphs with the question statements. To answer this kind of question, the test-taker needs to have outstanding paraphrasing abilities.

3- Yes/No/Not Given- The "Yes/No/Not Given" questions on the IELTS reading exam are comparable to True/False/Not Given questions in that the test-taker must read the statement and review the material in the passage to determine whether it agrees with, contradicts, or is not discussed in the reading passage. Write Yes if the statement supports the information; No if it does not; and Not Given if the statement has no supporting evidence.

4- Short answer questions- The IELTS reading test's short answer questions measure a test-capacity taker's to recognise the paraphrase and synonyms of a certain word in the reading passage and to write it in response to the question. The amount of words allowed in the instruction should not be exceeded by the test-taker.



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