Paper pattern for IETLS reading : Part-2

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The four sections of the IELTS test are speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Candidates are judged using these four standards. The IELTS exam comes in two different forms: Academic and General Training. Candidates should review and prepare in accordance with the requirements of the college or university to which they are applying. Universities all across the world that accept applicants for undergraduate and graduate programmes will accept IELTS Academic. Each of the four sections in the IELTS exam pattern evaluates a candidate's proficiency on a variety of distinct criteria.

IELTS reading pattern explanation through chart-

sections with duration

IELTS Academic paper pattern

Total questions 


There are four recorded monologues and chats included in it.



Three lengthy paragraphs that include tasks 

Texts can be discursive, factual, or descriptive, while analytical materials like graphs, drawings, and diagrams can also be nonverbal. The texts are real (taken from journals, newspapers, and books)



A brief essay of at least 250 words and a writing assignment of at least 150 words each in which the applicant must sum up, explain, or illustrate a table, graph, chart, or diagram



The in-person interview consists of brief questions, in-depth discussion of a familiar subject, and a structured discussion.



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