How to improve reading for IELTS?

IELTS Reading Preparation Material: Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Score | SpeakoClub

The International English Language Testing System is commonly called IELTS. It is a system of testing that assesses your proficiency in four areas of the English language: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. It's not always necessary to spend long, arduous hours studying in order to prepare. It might go beyond the study materials and mock exams.

  • One of the finest ways to improve your comprehension is to read as many English texts as possible. You can use different sources like books, newspapers, online articles, social media etc. 
  • Identifying the important topics is essential for IELTS. You can try making notes and prepare questions on topics you feel are important.
  • As you’ll read more and more, you’ll come across new words and phrases. You can highlight them and revise them from time to time.
  • Read the questions first before starting to read the comprehension. This will help you to make your reading selective and easy.
  • If spelling is wrong, then the whole answer will be considered as wrong. The good news is that no marks will be deducted for wrong answers, so give your best shot.
  • As was already said, the Reading portion is all about reading a text and spotting important details. Let's assume that you listened to our instructions and read the questions prior to the text. Then you recognise a word in the passage from one of the questions. Surely it is the solution?


To prepare for this exam all you have to do is work hard and gather as many resources as possible. For further information you can visit SpeakoClub and receive a lot of information regarding IELTS.