Delivering The Goods Reading Answers IELTS

Know about the topic: Delivering the Goods with reading answers. Upgrade your reading skills before taking IELTS Exam.

Delivering the Goods is an academic reading text that was included in an IELTS test. 

These passages are perfect for practice because the IELTS exam includes repeated questions. Try taking an IELTS reading practice exam if you need additional practice.


1- Matching information questions- The information for a list that contains questions of the type "Matching Information" is collected from the paragraphs. Find the passage where the information is taken, as instructed. The information provided in the question may not always be in the exact terms used in the paragraph; instead, it may be paraphrased, making it necessary for you to read the paragraph in order to comprehend the question's meaning.

2-True/False/Not Given questions- There are several hard True/False/Not Given questions. This question consists of numerous assertions; you must mark each one as true if it appears in the article exactly as it does. If it turns out that the assertion contradicts the existing sentence, it should be classified as false. The assertion in the question should be marked as not given if it is not at all contained in the article. Spending too much time looking for a sentence that isn't there is pointless.

3- Summary completion- You will be given a summary of material from a text with some gaps in a summary completion type of question. You can be given a list of words to complete the gaps with, or you might be asked to identify the solutions in the reading material. The holes must be filled in with a few words from the text. The reading text will have all of the details in the summary as well. They will, however, paraphrase and use synonyms. So, don't count on finding the precise words.



14- I

15- F

16- E

17- D


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