Visual Symbols And The Blind Reading Answers IELTS

The Academic passage "Visual Symbols and the Blind" is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Ideally, you should not spend more than 20 m...

The academic reading passage "Visual Symbols and the Blind" was included in an IELTS test. 

A passage should ideally not take you longer than 20 minutes to read. Let's check your comfort level with this passage and see if you can finish it in 20 minutes. If not, attempt more IELTS practice tests in the reading section of



27. C

Blind persons can "appreciate" (recognise) the "usage of outlines and viewpoints" (convention such as perspective) to explain the arrangement of objects and other surfaces in space, according to the opening sentence of Part 1. Therefore, the response is C. (can recognise conventions such as perspective). 

28. C 

The writer gives an example of a blind woman who, during one of his investigations, opted on her own to "draw a wheel as it was circle" in the first paragraph of Part 1. (a symbol). Lines of motion, like the one she used, are a relatively new development in the history of illustration, and he was "taken aback" (surprised). Therefore, the response is C. (included a symbol representing movement).

29. A

 The writer notes that the consensus among the sighted was only marginally higher than that among the blind in the fifth paragraph of Part 1. The assignment presented to them required some problem solving because motion gadgets are foreign to the blind. But in addition to "figuring out meanings for each line of motion" (indicating movement), the "blind" also "came up with the same meaning at least as frequently as did sighted participants" as a group (had good understanding of symbols). So, the response is A. (had a good understanding of symbols representing movement).


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